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IoT and streaming data - push pull strategies

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, July 2, 2020

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We have so much and so little to talk about when it comes to making data streaming and IoT really really simple.

How many push pull solutions and strategies exist for streaming data?
How do you do your symmetric or asymmetric data management to and from your company, servers, data center?
For me, its a matter or a timer or loop that has preset commands and preset answers.
Push - you are pushing data to a destination, or you are the recipient of a data stream set from a source.
Pull - you are pulling data from a source, or you are allowing a recipient to receive your push.
There are a few ways to manage this at various layers in technology. All of them have strict rules to follow surrounding general availability, security and access management, peak and average traffic flow, and other forms of issues regarding overall success push pull concepts and architectures.
You can read a book on all these approaches, yet I like just a few types. Consider the data of ftp, file existence in a drop directory, a looping processor, and of course batches. This can work in these times depending on the availability and criticality of the data stream.
Are you pulling and receiving telemetry and video from a satellite and pushing back instructions, or are you processing the daily invoices and transactions in a fortune 500 company A/R or A/P department? It all depends.
What is most important is to consider the laisse-faire approach to data streaming audio and video and some data loss or 100% data capture and no loss. Or is it somewhere in between?
What technology will serve you right to capture any, all or whatever you can best guess at making decisions for the value of the decision that needs to be made. Saving a life, saving a country, moving troops, cancelling orders, or just ordering groceries and supplies for everyone on the shopping list, to just settling a bank balance, etc...
We have so much and so little to talk about when it comes to making data streaming and IoT really really simple.
more to come...

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