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How your business gets on some outbound marketing list - sudden unsolicited spam phone calls

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2020
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Ironically, how many times in a year does your company suddenly get a bunch of phone calls from various outbound marketing and sales companies for something you never asked, inquired, or ordered?
For me, I just got 10 calls all in the span of 2 days from various government contract wholesale negotiators.
How does that happen?
It could be your contact information suddenly was sold to a company of companies. Or, an ex-employee just wants to play with you, or some competitor wants to play with you, whatever the reason, do the following:
1. document it when the pattern appears
2. thank the caller and appreciate their inquiry yet kindly decline
3. write about this and post it on your blog or company bulletin
4. make sure its not social engineering to hack your company
5. consider the caller id phone numbers and look at your public reviews on yelp, google, etc...
not to worry. being a professional sometimes means dealing with bad actors and con artists. karma is an amazing teacher for those who try to subvert your good intentions and output, results and kindness regardless of their alterior motives.
remain positive and stay focused.
more to come...

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