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Americas future in Faith

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, February 8, 2018

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America's future in Faith

February 8, 2018


What is happening to America? Is the faith of America that was Christianity turning to Islam by immigration of Muslims alone?  Going back a little in time, America was controlled by Native Americans and many tribes.


In last 2000 years, then came the Spaniards and Queen's English, and then up sprung America. Was that the invasion of Christianity to the North America's. Up north we had the Eskimos, and to the middle America's we had the Mayans and Incas. And going further historically, going back 20,000 years we from the Far East we had Buddha and even further the Egyptians. Our short history as a species and our beliefs and value systems have been all over the map.


Have we as a biological species improved? Did faith and belief in a supreme being exist to help us better accept and turn away from fate, chaos and bad choices?


In America, what is the breakdown of faith?We can do the headcount yet does that prove anything?


Christianity, a lot like all the flavors of Linux

Jewish sort of like Apple

Islam and Muslim more like .Net and Python

Buddah more like Unicode and TrueType Fonts


What about Microsoft software and technology? I believe they could be atheists to the public and internally more like .Net and Python in the future.


so and so forth,etc etc. see wikipedia


With the ever growing population in the US, will Islam supersede Christianity in headcount? If so, how, when and why? I believe it has to do with the gospel. Is faith broken?  consider this and this


More to come. Blessings and God speed.

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