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Competition, Fair and Balanced and Ethical

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, June 24, 2020

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Have you ever lost a client because of an ex-employee? Interestingly enough, it happens all the time.
A few of my clients even shared with me their examples over the past three decades and its amazing yet life. Some of them you train over the years, and they leave and go off and start their own business and yank some of your clients from you. Some of them go to other employers and take your customer list with you. Can't really do anything about it. Is all fair game. Your clients know you and know your good reputation and sometimes just want a change. In the end if an ex-employee does something like this, nothing you can do except acknowledge it and keep doing a good job with your existing and new clients.
Was it ethical for them to scoop up one of your clients behind your back? Maybe or maybe not. Was it your fault? Yes, No, Not really; yet then again, everyone has an opinion and it's free enterprise.
I have lost a few clients I am glad I lost - a few of their team members were difficult and nearly impossible to please and satisfy. We say good ridance when it comes to a bad customer and client. Yet, that is like only 2% of your clients who are bad to deal with. The 98% are great and you current team enjoys those. Your ex-team members can have the 2% all the time.
Why do I write this, because it is important to note - when an ex-employee looks to steer your clients away from you to their new employer - it has to be ethical and for the right reasons.
We always want to be ethical. Being up front about things is very important. When one finds out after the fact, well, if it were not for good character and good morales, one could be a little devisive.
All I can say, karma is interesting. Isn't it. Always attempt to do no harm, and do what is right for your clients, your business relationships, and family. One can discuss and vent a little yet come back and leave any arrangement and agreements, old and new, at peace.
No matter what, do your best, be positive, and be pragmatic. Sometimes its good to lose a client, have them fail with a new vendor and have them come back after a year or so. I have seen that happen a few times and amazingly, I just shrug, smile and grin a little and welcome them back. Funny how the world is so small and so well connected.
more to come...

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