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Longevity, Values in Life and Computing

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, June 22, 2020

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Over the last 40-50 years, I knew there were different strokes for different folks ; when it comes to life, work, longevity, happiness, health and positive challenges and improvements. 
Take that into computers and how we see and use computers, buy and sell, discard and recycle. The value of computers and how we see them can be a segue into how we make decisions and compromises and improvements. Fast forward to the year 2020...
In the past few years, I have noticed that some people in every walk of life and profession; some are maintainers & sustainers, and some are movers & shakers. I knew this and shared this for nearly 35+ years to those I care about and how they see things and are happy or sad.
Let me share and compare computing to life.
Are you ready to buy a new computer or keep the one you have? Is your employer making you happy? Is your home making you happy? Is your daily life the way you want it and the security behind all of it just about right for you?
I use to be a mover and shaker from age 20-45, and as I have grown older, 50+ I have moved to the latter. Why?
My personal life is about happiness now, and it always should have been, not things and stuff. Investments are different than risk taking. I have found that others are either wired to continuous risk take while others move back and forth depending on the situation. I am pliable and stubborn in the same sentence.
Do you have a home, something you can consider calling your roots? When will you decide that you current home is your last home unless that is unavoidable?
With this build up of this blog entry, how does that relate to computing. Your computer that you have had for nearly 10 years, is it time to move on? What about your home? What about your spouse? What about your career and employer?
When do you decide that things are not going to work out as they are? Either both have to give or one has to go separate ways. Losing a computer can be like losing a child, unless you have never had either.
I guess it really comes down to what is most important. Do you know what is most important? Ask yourself at the end of the day and I guess it really comes down to what one says and what one does.
It does matter when folks say it does not matter. Yes, it always matters. Be at peace, have fun and be sure to relax and not stress out. Have a great life regardless of the way people see you. The cup is half full, not half empty. Others who are not that way, it is a good idea to let them be and leave them to their own values that just differ than yours.
Keep up the great work to help people, communicate and be honest with yourself and others.
Don't have buyers remorse on anything you do. If you do, its okay. Only a few things are permanent or apparently so: faith and mortality.
more to come...

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