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Head hunters and improving job skills with certifications

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, June 9, 2020

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In the past year, I have noticed an increase in job applicants with certifications that are to me ho-hum. Are the certifications part of a professional development training program through their existing employer, or some fly by night agency or certification mill?
So, I checked with a few of my head hunter friends, and they said, certifications are just that, a one week or more, or some 100 hour online battery skills program with a mini-capstone at the end. I asked if the certs were of good value or great value. Their response was mostly non-value unless it was a CE for some existing professional requirement.
So where does that leave professionals like myself with advanced degrees, various undergraduate degrees, and they all span the last 25-30 years. A degree from an accredited university is far better than a certificate, right? Yet, I value OJT aka on-the-job training as well. I know many apprentice who become the master.
As for my certifications, I have about a dozen over the last 20 years and those were particular to a project, business goals and mission and fill-in the gap knowledge requirements that were essential to complete a corporate or startup mission.

What else? head hunters are not in the game of building professional development for their hires and assets, though they should be.
There is value-add in that in the industry. An asset, human asset, does not come fully qualified in hard skills, yet, definitely in soft skills.
Whatever you do, like I do, have your professional development training schedule ongoing - good advice from a life long student.
more to come...

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