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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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DNS encryption progress

DNS Free Icons by Icons8

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, June 7, 2020

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Since 1993, monetization of search engines started out with banner ads, affiliate clicks, so on and so forth, then it became the mining of people's searching raw data and how people moved through the Internet.
Back then, DNS Bind 4.9.5 was very popular and used on probably most of the Windows Servers hosting internet based services and for those providing ISP services to clients. the DNS logs and IIS and Apache logs were like a gold mine to some who are about to take advantage of linking peoples IDs and identity to their Internet traffic. Is it legal? Sure. Why not. There were no laws on the books regarding watching people and what they do on the Internet, except the AUP might have been the case to protect users and their activity. Yet, greed steps in and take over and skips the part about ethics.
Fast forward 27 years, privacy is the big thing against ISPs and Big Companies that mine your activity for sale. Is it legal? sure? go out to the street corner and monitor traffic for a year and sell those results to people who are interested. are you interested? sure? why not.
For me, privacy and end to end DNS query searches are important, let alone the content you pull down for homework, study, research, and entertainment.
The technology was always there, and the logs did not have to be harvested. Research is one thing, selling it with anonymous data is another, but keeping people's identities tied to their activities is an invasion of privacy is the Internet is both public and for private use.
more to come...

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