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Philanthropy is not sinful as long as we look the other way

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, May 22, 2020

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Where is the tech in this article? It's about the tech in our industry that already exists.
Regarding the latest philanthropy on COVID-19. Don't be surprised. We already have the cure for COVID-19. It's just a matter of how much money do we need to pay to share it with the world. Enter stage right, the FDA and their sibling the CDC. Remember, most diseases are in the same family. It's not magic. As a farmer and Veterinarian, we know by history, that most things are cured by three things. Whatt are those three things. It's a secret. Vets know it and it applies to humans as well. Just how much money is needed to share it with the world, and how much control is gained and lost to acquire it and convey it. This is a mass opportunity for profiteering. We all know it.
Am I a SJW? A social justice warrior? NO!! A big fat NO!  ** I am a professional who believes in the good of our people, planet and Earth. We need to save it regardless of the political and capitalism behind all the situations we face. It's not made up - our potential risk posture between the USA and others. This is real. It's controllable and we have the power to do good things - if the right people do the right things in the right order. **
This is just another human and political problem created to amass great wealth to those in line with those to receive the great funding from governments and establishments at the cost of the worldwide taxpayers. It's all made up. Create a problem so that the solution has two endeavors; continued wealth and control.
This leads me to the next issue in this chain of events, that repeats itself over and over, decade over decade, from president to president, administration over administration. It is a never ending game for the markett players, political leaders and their generals and armies.
What is our segue? It's behind the government to public sector transfer of wealth and money that is tax free. Capitalism en mass funded by government taxpayer backed projects ad infinitum.
Am I against big tax free shelters? Absolutely. Churches. Foundations, etc. There should be no loopholes, no Monopoly game type of Pass GO and collect $200 and get out of jail free cards. Personally, I just wish money would go away. Because of it we have too many bad side effects like greed, profit, power, control, sin, etc.

The Bill Gates Foundation just like the Bill Clinton Foundation, and like many churches benefit greatly in the USA as a tax-free haven for all their future funding activities as-if their profits were never a profit. Non-profits and churches and the tax law maybe was clearly meant to be a haven back in the day for future millionaires, fast forward 200 years now billionaires and soon to be trillionaires who legally shelter their profits and long term assets.

Welcome to America. No longer do you need or are allowed offshore shelters [accounts, Grand Cayman or Malta or Isle of Man accounts] and tax shelters. Just create a foundation or stand within the boundaries of the church and their tax-free tax laws for their pastors, leaders and more... Everyone should be their own church, non-profit foundation, etc. It's easy. I can't wait for the IRS and others to catch up and have them just pay their flat tax of 5 of 10% and get rid of tax shelters and other havens.

The time has come for no more tax shelters. Let's fast forward to a concept of Project Venus and see if we can side step all the politics, profit, greed, and dead bodies created in the process.


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