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Get a Library Card and what primary books to keep on your shelf

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, May 12, 2020

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So, after moving 20+ times in my life, and carrying with me an assortment of books, thousands of pounds everywhere, I recycled and donated nearly 5000 books, references, and volume sets in the past 20 years.
What is on your bookshelf and what is left on my bookshelf? Well, that is a long story (i explain it at the bottom).
Do you have a library card? If not, get yours today. Its usually free from your public library and of course if you have a college or university, the public sometimes is allowed to get library access as well for a small fee.
One can volunteer at those libraries too from time to time if there is a need and an opening. Just ask. Plus you can donate to the libraries as well. I do. For Washoe Libaries and University of Nevada Libraries.
Here is one link: UNR Library, Friends of...
And another: Friends of Washoe Countny Library
I have learned over the last 40+ years that I love books. I have volunteered in libraries since 3rd grade. From elementary school to junior high school and high school. Then in the military, then college, then corporate America, then rural America and back to cities in America.
In these libraries was always a reference section and sometimes restricted sections that I just loved to have access to, and in doing so, my home private collection is now nearly reduced to five things. Most of these I got off of EBAY for hardly any more... The encyclopedias are great and usually come from an old church...
Here is my bookshelf list:
1. Three volume sets of Funk and Wagnall encyclopedia's date ranges for the past 150 years.
2. One Desk Reference
3. Three Programming references
4. Three History references
5. Three Computer Systems Operating references
The rest is in bookmarks for online access, and of course a library card.
If you want to learn more about our library system here in Washoe County Nevada, click here : Board Members
more to come...

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