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Will Elon move Tesla HQ to Nevada

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, May 10, 2020

View Count: 1023, Keywords: Tesla Headquarters, Nevada, Relocation, Hashtags: #TeslaHeadquarters #Nevada #Relocation

Would it be cool if Elon Musk moved his Tesla Headquarters to Nevada?
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You are welcome to Reno Nevada.. or Minden, Nevada by AndrewFlagg ( 753349 ) on Sunday May 10, 2020 @10:10AM (#60044294) I would welcome you; Washoe County or better yet Douglas County. Lots of good business, FTZs, legal and corporate confidential features, privacy, etc. between you gigafactories in fremont and usa parkway (nv) even warren, bill and others have done to keep their stuff their. also check out the Dakota's too, yet maybe too central, too cold, but hey... lots of open space, wind, sunshine, and great national parks. i recommended to the RTAA a space port here [last year]... something between reno and fallon (top gun fighter school), and more... even tom cruise might get in on the action with his upcoming space movies.. we need a space port here... a duty free story to mars and the moon, even SNC has lots of DoD stuff going on here over on Vista in Sparks, NV. good times to be an successful entrepreneur, engineer, inventor, and father... happy mothers day Elon and fam..
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