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Carbonite, Robocopy, Second Copy - Backups and Data recovery for the regular person

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, April 30, 2020

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For the regular PC user, student, business owner, researcher, professor, employee...
Your latest backup of your work is your saving grace.
Repeat after me!! You are only as good as your last backup!!
Imagine your turn off your server and it does not come back up? Because Carbonite needed to be updated and your server needed a reboot? Did you notice the number of RAID drives in failure status?
When was your last backup? did you notice those red diagnostics lights? did you verify your Carbonite backup was the latest?
Never reboot a server unless you know that the backups are current. If in doubt, do a robocopy backup of all vital files to an external storage device regardless of what anyone says. If in doubt, backup is up manually again.
Use other tools like Second Copy to backup your file to alternate destinations too. If never hurts and drives are cheap, and your external drives can be secured all the same.
Did you realize that your stuff was already hacked, and you just didn't know it yet? Who cares? Your competitors? Ransomware? If you have backups, even behind by 24 hours, your golden. The rest we can reconstruct. Even billing, payroll, accounting.
A simple JE, journal entry, best guess and understanding people will go a long way. Even years later looking back in an audit, it will hold up.
PS. BIG ASK of Carbonite Support -- Why does your courier data recovery hard drive have the files and folders all with the same date and time of the recovered date/time, and not the actual date/time of the actual folder and files date/time???, when the online has last modified date/times (well mostly, lots of bugs in the web interface to show actual dates/times of folders and files.). That is all. Thank you for at least getting me back some 250GB of lost data recently. My client said thank you too. $175 courier hard drive 2-3 days delivery recovery fee was well worth it...
more to come...

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