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New Linux Mint or Windows PC shuttle builds for 2020 - less than $300

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, May 1, 2020
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For those trying to get a quad core computer with 8gb of ram and a 250gb ssd drive with a small form factor and 275w power supply, for less than $300, you can do it. remember, this is an upgrade or replacement to your existing system otherwise the accessories and peripherals come into play.
1. small form factor slimline computer case w/275w power supply (2 molex, 2 sata, 20+4, 4 pin) $50-60
2. itx mobo quad core - $100-110
3. 2x4GB DDR3L 204 pin 1333 , or just get the 8GB chip for less  - $50-60
4. 250gb crucial bx500 ssd $40-50
5. operating system of choice... Linux Mint or windows 10 home - 64 bit -
Both operating systems are $FREE
*ahem* donations to Linux Mint nicely appreciated !! *SMILE* 
so depending on tax, s/h, etc.. you can get that for $300-$350...  accessories and peripherals: usb keyboard $15, wireless logitech mouse $10, 24" svga/dvi-d/hdmi monitor $150
more to come...

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