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Windows deleting files in the latest update or not

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, April 26, 2020
View Count: 460, Keywords: Windows 10, Updates, Lost Files, Lost Profile, Trusted User, Permissions Failure, Hashtags: #Windows10 #Updates #LostFiles #LostProfile #TrustedUser #PermissionsFailure

The latest from Slashdot is again reporting lost files in user profiles or user computers.
REF:  https://tech.slashdot.org/story/20/04/26/0317216/windows-10-users-complain-newest-update-is-deleting-their-files
I thoroughly enjoyed one post about the details. I concur to some degree. IS IT the FILES or the C DRIVE or the PROFILE? which is it? I have seen variations back in 2015 and 2016 for the profile and then I did see a full wipe, and it was on an SSD drive, and then an m.2 ssd... and all related to windows wifi versus hard wired, and not on a domain.. just a standalone...
One of my good friends, won't mention his name, works in software test at Microsoft for nearly 25 years and still with 30-40,000 bugs created per month, I wonder when will Microsoft implode on itself? Or will it ever?
here is the slash details I enjoyed. 
by devslash0 ( 4203435 ) Alter Relationshipon Saturday April 25, 2020 @09:46PM (#59991536)
1. Installs and enables RAT (Remote Access Trojan) by default with full access to your data and enabling privacy agreement authorising extraction of user content without notification or asking first.
2. Installs unwanted applications not part of the operating system without permission.
3. Deletes your shit (NEW!) (aka the October 2018 and April 2020 updates)
4. Cyber stalking that can’t be disabled and what little of it can be disabled is only temporary thanks to conveniently forgetful privacy settings.
5. Injection of advertisements into operating system’s UI shell and system apps.
6. Perpetual beta quality software updates.
7. Installs updates and reboots whether you want to or not without explicit consent.
8. Issues scary warnings during third party software installation for self-serving anti-competitive reasons.
9. Tricks users into creating accounts they don’t need and steals credentials via typography and WiFi.
10. Transformation of minesweeper and solitaire classics into adware unless you are willing to pay a monthly fee.
be good America. be safe. be strong.
more to come...

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