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Spring yard cleaning - continued - weeding and edging

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, April 25, 2020
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The best feeling is looking at your yard when you first get started cleaning, then half way done, and look back, and smile and realize you are almost half done, and just a little more to go.
The beautiful part of the yard cleaning is the edging. I never had an edger until a few years ago, and even then, my landscapers prior to would make it look so easy to edge to perfection.
Well, after 3 summers, my edging looks pretty good. The weeds this last winter and spring were pretty immense.
The most challenging part is not using weed killer any more. With weed killer, the weeding was a snap. No weeds.
Without bug killers, insecticides, and the rest for the past 10 years, the balance of my yard is rather beautiful.
My bulbs still don't come up like the use to. Yet, everything else is balanced and healthy.
I did have to take down two trees that were causing some problems - sad - I delayed as much as I could and then finally had to do the deed.
Today, two stumps are left and I'll probably just end up finishing those off too. Thought about using them as some yard ornament, yet then again - that is sort of woodsy dorky, yet now I think about it -- that's up to the next owner of my home and property.
more to come...

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