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Intel has been very quiet lately

Intel Processor

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, April 23, 2020

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Intel has been rather quiet lately regarding new products, releases and announcements.
I wonder if they are planning to release the products they had forecast release in 2050, and accelerating those 30 years in advance.
Remember, most of the computing power in the world is held to a schedule because the raw horsepower would evoke catastrophic industry and earthly disruption.
The economics of planned obsolescence is their bread and butter.
On the other hand, AMD, being quiet and taking time to get to the forefront, is now evoking the right to bear CPUs to the open market to reach optimum apogee on AI, ML, and other forms of data processing to get us into space. I am surprised the horse power of the CPU market has not accelerated the cure for cancer, covid-19, and other forms of life shortening disease. Or maybe it has and our government agencies all with some 3 letter TLA like the FDA and other medical forums don't want the cure to be available. Like Intel, the medical market would *poof* disappear overnight if a one cure for cancer was released to the public en masse.
Yet, mortality is an interesting mathematical formula for those in the insurance business trying to capitalize on actuarial tables.
Like I have said to so many, is this the matrix or some huge elaborate maze or laboratory experiment - the human condition. 
Stay tuned.
more to come...

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