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Personal Taxes are Due

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, April 15, 2017

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Personal Taxes are Due

April 15, 2017


Personal taxes are due. File the extension. Why? There are lots of good reasons. Let me tell you why.


Three rules of the IRS.


1. Always be on time.

2. Be consistent.

3. No attempt to defraud.


Let me explain each.


Always be on time

Even filing an extension and filing before that due date is on time


Be Consistent

Even if you accidentally make an error based on your understanding of the tax code, that's OK. As long as you are not willful or neglectful.


Filing a return consistently year after year is fairly easy. It might sound like a pain, but if you are the one in the business of doing taxes, its not a big deal. Actually, if everyone was at ease and could pay their taxes, and loved paying their taxes, it would be a joy. For some it seems like a hassle or work. If you are getting a nice return it might seem more pleasurable. If you are paying taxes, you might be offended or challenged to make the payment.


No Attempt to defraud

There are certain things one must do to keep yourself in good standing with just about any relationship, contract and activity. Be of good will and not attempt to defraud. Act and work In good faith. Contract law abides to that principle. While every organization may attempt to behave in that manner, greed and profit can sometimes compromise the integrity and ethics or bad actors, leaders and managers.


more to come.

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