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Windows and all Sync software Dropbox One Drive iCloud slow login 100 percent Disk and CPU

Microsoft Windows

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, April 17, 2020

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For many, the 100% CPU and 100% Disk performance at boot and login these days on Windows 10 is primarily all the sync software running at the same time.
Who are the culprits? It has been getting worse in the past 6 months and I noticed it over a year ago, and with the push for more Internet traffic and stay at home, the sync of data along with streaming everything.
It's a combination of all the sync software just sitting around at boot and login updating their login and data caching and syncing. Dropbox, One Drive, and iCloud, if all running are hitting your drive(s) at 100% for at least 4 to 10 minutes on every boot and login
What can you do about it?
1. if you are not using one of those services and it's installed and running, then uninstall it or disable it at startup (task manager/startup/disable service
Moral of the story: we are relatively screwed as well because our home networks to our ISP have asymmetric bandwidth. Oh well, streamline and optimize as best you can, and watch your CPU and Disk tachometer percentages! They will drive you crazy from time to time. You have to know why.
PS. The slow boot and login problem use to be Windows Updates that are processing, corrupted or malfunctioning. Now with all the nightmares of Windows 10 updates causing system havoc, that has settled down a bit. Probably got better programmers on the Windows Update development team to address all the bad OOP. Still backup your data N+1.
more to come...

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