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The Truth about Death n Taxes

Published: Thursday, June 1, 2017 written by Andy Flagg
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The Truth about Death n Taxes

June 1, 2017

What's the real answer here - "stop taxing death."


We are born and we die. In the middle we live hopefully a fulfilling life to ourselves and those around us.


"Death and Taxes" - That is a phrase that we may have heard a few times in our life,The moral of that story is we cannot avoid either.


The upside is that we do die eventually and we stop paying taxes. The downside is that when we die that taxman will surely come.


I wonder why in this day of gender equality the word "tax-woman" is not substituted when appropriate.


What is the Truth about Death:


0. this idea was created by a higher power. In my case we call that God.

1. It happens often all around us

2. Sometimes it is unexpected and hopefully we all have planned for it.

3. Your relatives or the State will take care of thing even if don't

4. Make sure you have a will in place

5. The people who come up with ways to tax Death should be ashamed.


What is the Truth about Taxes:


0. This idea was created by man.

1. It happens all around us

2. More taxes are created by people of ill will

3. I have never seen a tax really go away

4. If you want to stop something from being awesome, tax it. In the case of Death, it should be an awesome transition. Death Taxes really tax the cake when it comes to dealing with the loss of a loved one.

5. People who come up with new ways to tax the people should be ashamed.


What's the real answer here - "stop taxing death."


more to come...

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