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Servers, accelerated JSON programming time with File I/O vs SQL Database OLE-DB

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, April 6, 2020
View Count: 432, Keywords: Server 2019, JSON programming, File I/O, SQL Database, OLE-DB, Abandoned Data, Stale Data, Hashtags: #Server2019 #JSONprogramming #FileI/O #SQLDatabase #OLE-DB #AbandonedData #StaleData

For the last 60 days, I have been contemplating the JSON programming for accelerated File I/O versus SQL Database OLE-DB.
Which would be faster, safer, more secure?
SQL OLE-DB is the fastest in RDBMS terms - it's native raw SQL so no intermediary calls.
However, File I/O can be faster and more efficient.
It depends on the security model in the JSON stream and how encrypted we want to keep our data alive and clear out stale or abandoned data.
Yes, I said it - Abandoned data. We need to think about cleaning up abandoned data.
For nearly 25 years, I have cleaned up abandoned data that has been trace logged and that is all that is needed for security and audit purposes. Can we automate the clean up? sure!
more to come...

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