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Support and Project Management combined dashboard and reporting

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, April 1, 2020

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For many, project management and support management have been and are separate functions in an organization.
For me, everything has always been in the same queue for support and oversight of all things, operational, strategic and tactical.
We would use the same system. Whatever you call it, #ERP, #CRM, as long as it was nearly free and not alot of overhead, fast, secure, efficient and expandable, and easy to maintain. 
What systems would that be? We always found that programming and writing our own was feasible; using C++/C#/VB6 client front end and SQL back end, and then we moved to cloud based ASP, OLE-DB SQL-lite. For us in 2020, the future holds NoSQL and ASP, JavaScript, JSON from what I can tell.
One can use off the shelf systems like RT or Spiceworks, and just tweak, expand and enhance it. Lots of great systems off the shelf you can dashboard your world pretty quickly, and for alert management use Nagios integration, and other integration modules. it does not have to be perfect, just functional and the data must be portable.
Moving forward to today, we have dashboards and reports that I use regularly to manage the following all in one queue for maximum visibility and metrics and reporting, escalation, and cost accounting.
1. customer service, technical support, and billing support queue
2. projects and project management queue
3. escalations management
4. cost accounting and efficiency and quality reports, people onboarding / offboarding
5. systems monitoring and alert management and audit IT and systems security
what type of dashboard and system do you have?
Ps.  In history, so back in 1993, I created systems and tools at Microsoft that went on to become cool, and used for about 5 years, and then a new group came in and then bastardized what was thee after I left, and then they called me to come back and clean-up what was broken, add some functionality, and make it cool again. That was nice. They new management that replaced the dead beat idiot management at Microsoft were thankfully RIFed out without a golden parachute. What a waste on shareholder money and operational budget. Hey, its okay.
Moral of the story: Make sure you are part of a winning team and not the losing team at any organization. You don't have time to waste with bad leaders and bad managers. Stick with the winners and be a winner among them.

more to come...

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