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Remaining Relevant

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, July 15, 2017

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Remaining Relevant

July 15, 2017

Over the last 10 years, I have noticed older people trying to remain relevant with today.


In terms of "remaining relevant", some of the older folks are really having a hard time keeping up, especially with technology in general.


The technology I speak of:

• Computers

• Cell Phones

• Tablets

• The Terms and Conditions in any legal document

• Product Warning and Expiration labels


There are two ways I can go with my thoughts: be nice and agreeable, or a little tougher and forgiving.


Being nice and agreeable, my advice is simple:


Hang around and visit those who are about 10-15 years younger than you that are in touch with technology and just hang with them if you can to rub off some of their knowledge onto yourself. Don't be a pest, don't hover, just be curious and realize they probably still have to earn a living doing what they do, while you are retired and living on a retirement amount of some amount.


So respect their space and keep your visits light and simple. Join a technology club, or join an online newsgroup community, visit YouTube and watch videos on what you want to learn, take online free tutorials, use a planner and sketch book for your thoughts, ideas, innovations, progress, and doodling.


Being tougher and forgiving, my advice is simple:


If you feel you are too old to learn, then hang it up and go outside and enjoy the rest of your life for how you know and knew it.The rest of the world will be fine without you trying to keep up. Really! They will.


Find yourself a good book or magazine along with a good card table and chair, in the back yard, on the porch, with a good pair of binoculars, with a fly swatter, in the shade; you will be just fine.


Make sure you go on nice walks, stop and view the sky, smile at those that walk by who have no idea why you are smiling, but you do it anyhow. Keep them guessing. You are wiser and smarter for your times than they ever will be. You made it this far, just a little further and you will be fine.


Moral of the Story


Remaining relevant I consider easy because I am a life long learning. I have encyclopedias I read and scan, and enjoy.


more to come.


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