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Teamviewer for Linux just added Sendkeys aka Keyboard Forwarding

Linux Tux

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, March 26, 2020

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I use Teamviewer alot, I mean alot! Since my last 32+ years using Microsoft Windows, ever since the days of RDP, Remote Assistance, and pcAnywhere32, TightVNC, CrossLoop, we now have Teamviewer.
Well, in January 2020, I fully switched from Microsoft Windows to Linux Mint, along with all my work, email, software development, database development, systems engineering and testing, and remote assistance. The only bad thing was Teamviewer 8 through 15 did not have support for keyboard forwarding for Linux until day before yesterday.
In 2013, I purchased two full business versions and an add-on. Each were about $650 on discount from $850, and the add-on was $125. My current subscription on 15 is $31 per day or $1/day which is great. It works and is affordable.
Looking back and now all I can say is Yay! I provided some nice feedback to their product and technical support and someone said, we will forward that to the developers, and guess what?! They did it in just about 30 days!
Thank you Teamviewer and your product and technical support, ticket system, and developer support!
Now I have Teamviewer 15 licensed (business) working just like I used to on Windows yet now on Linux Mint and the keyboard keystroke forwarding works great!!
more to come...

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