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Lite App server for JSON AJAX game play research

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, March 23, 2020
View Count: 239, Keywords: Research, AJAX, JSON, Lite App Server, Hashtags: #Research #AJAX #JSON #LiteAppServer

I am still on the hunt for a lite app server for AJAX JSON development. what could it be. Just a simple ASP file and handler.
Back in the day, we just had a server based winsock app that just responded to requests and processed them. it was single threaded and pretty fast, light and never prone to hanging. a limited instruction set and a limited wait time between requests. it was fun to manage and watch.
In my NetOps Dev days I did the same between 3-4 servers with just NT server anyservice tools and just processing pre-constructed jobs and sets.
more to come...

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