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Globalization is real since the 1990s

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, March 8, 2020

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CAVEAT: when you write about a possible truth, it just might be true. connect the dots. ask questions, see patterns and remember, we are all mortal.
 Globalization is real. Back in the 1990s, the first globalization concepts and goals came to light as being taught versus just being observed.
Then came the Internet, sort of a super highway of information, and international air flight a super highway of travel.
REF: globalizational 1990s reference
Think about the movie called The Pelican Brief. The story and our COVID-19 might share a similar line of truth.
Hundreds of years ago, sailors and ships traveled the globe and visited other worlds and continents in hopes of exploring (ahem, conquering), only to infect and share their diseases and ideas. Here we are some 500 years later doing the same thing yet not in decades or years, but in hours and minutes.
Globalization - America pushed it. Colleges and Universities pushed it. PhD and MBA programs taught it and abuse the ethics of it. Ivy League schools taught a variation of that so called planned obsolescence. International countries gave way to so called advanced degrees unverifiable to worldly standards and the like in the USA gave way to PhDs en mass and gave it credence to investors and believed those without much caution. Investors and world domination ensued.
America is no longer just my America. It's the world's version of America. Its meant to allow dreams to come true and help those raise their families with the benefits of a government that is self serving without limits. Could the government be allowing too much? Could Congress be part of the plan to allow so much to happen that it might implode from time to time to self correct? Do those that plan the implosion seek to gain and pillage those that are weak and lose all their assets and transfer those assets through our laws and those meant to hurt the weak and strengthen the existing rich?
Could planned obsolescence be the cornerstone of reducing an aging or weak society in terms activating the corona virus. Think about it. What if some organization or group wanted to eliminate the overhead in an organization, called it Earth, how would you do it? Asteroid? World Domination? War? Virus? Hmmmm.. Interesting thought, huh?
The redistribution of wealth and assets often occurs during a war and catastrophe and something like this; a black plague of the 21st century. The rich and our leaders often create conflict to conquer and pilfer from the poor and steal from the old and weak and incoherent wealthy elderly; both abroad and internally. Wealthy people and leaders often create chaos and conflict for their own benefit. This might be new news for some yet not for me.
I have a feeling this could be it with COVID-19. SARS, Swine-Flu and more viruses are forthcoming and only profiteering is meant for those poised for it. The rich and wealthy 1% and some countries for the longest time are looking to eliminate the weak and only leave the strong by the redistribution of assets of the old and elderly by intentionally eliminating them by something so simple as an incurable flu called COVID-19.
It's sad and sort of makes sense. Our unfunded liabilities all over the USA are now coming to light. We have an aging society that is now living past their 70s when their mortality should be it, and the insurance companies are having to pay out, yet, they don't want to. Why not have these life insurance and health insurance companies come up with a virus of sorts that can't be stopped. Stop the payouts by eliminating the clients and customer base who are no longer paying in. Its morbid and sick yet true.
Think about it.
Who thinks this stuff up? We have a class of citiziens in the 1% who might seem true and honest who are rather shall I say, not willing to tell the truth; they were raised to win by the percentages and will remain as such. It's okay. I get it. Look at any country and you will see.
Sociology 101 - connect the dots. I see it. We have Hollywood to thank to enamor it. I just happen to sense it and am convinced someone might be playing RISK, the board game, again.
more to come...
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