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Traditional versus Non-Traditional career paths

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, March 5, 2020

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What is traditional? What is non-traditional?  When you start out in life, you are told by your parents, 1) get good grades, 2) go to college, 3) get a good job, and finally, have a family and you will have a great life.
Is that traditional or non-traditional?
Let's look at each:

1. get good grades - this is subjective. for some a C is awesome. For others a C is failure. For me, a solid B - hey considering everything else going on in my life that has nothing to do with school K-12 and higher education, a B is a great score, like 3.0 to 3.5, I'm in heaven. Consider this, the average B students excel through life far beyond A students in general situations unless the A students are just rich, well connected, and born on a silver spoon. 98% of the world is born on a wood spoon, so getting good grades always helps even when difficult at best given family and home life situations; the struggle. Note: most drop outs from high school and college go on to be very successful business leaders, inventors, innovators, and CEOs. Consider that.
2. go to college - that is subjective and depends on your age and industry. college is fun. college is hard work for some. college is expensive. most that go to college do 'well' afterwards aside from the student loan debt incurred. for some, the military is a first step to help with college tuition and that leads directly to non-traditional status, yet it works. a life long learning education does not require a college or university setting. a set of encyclopedias used daily is more than enough, and social interaction with the world in some form and fashion helps with the sociology part of life; knowing theyself and knowing they neighbor kind of basic concepts. Be a good neighbor. Be a good friend to at least someone, not many, just enough for who and what your passion and desire to be are. figure out your formal or informal, traditional or non-traditional education methods and goals that work for you. figure it out, repeat, improve, repeat and continue. it's not a race. its a lifestyle. 
3. get a job - that is not the correct word. it should be get a good cause for your life. a cause is more important that a job. what is your purpose, what is your cause which leads to projects which leads to job(s) and more. some people judge you by the job and job title you have. that is not fair and not appropriate. we all have value regardless of those things. what are you doing today and in through the last 6 months to make me want to hire you? what are you driving at? what are you curious about? what makes you smile when you are working on this or that? what is your natural ability such that others find value in it and you can earn and be rewarded in the manner in which helps you and helps them, fairly and equitably. 
With those three items, what are you going to do today, start today, stop today and continue today that makes you a better person both traditionally and non-traditionally?
more to come...

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