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Whaling - Even the Shark Tank Lady had a weak point - her book keeper and executive assistant

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, March 1, 2020

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Whaling - its the old new term for scamming big fish like the Shark Tank lady.
Where was her weak point? She did not have a GPO called "No Trust Policy" and even if were in place it was probably disabled.
This is the fifth (5th) time I have witnessed this in the last 24 months.
So she lost $400k? I have seen $40K, $28K, $1 million, and more whaled off some locals here in Reno Nevada and its because they do not have a voice verification policy in place.
The good part is when brought in, I was able to help recover over 50% of the lost or stolen loot by various forensic evidence provided to banks, investigators and law enforcement. Its easy if you know what you are doing. Time is of the essence. You must move quickly and be able to go behind and beyond what law enforcement can do because they are hamstrung in procedure while one can move at the speed of thought to chase down culprits. 1 (one) must be a super sleuth to catch up with perpetrators. Yet, sometimes you are just screwed. How do these rich people become so blind and trusting when resources like their wealth should be heavily guarded.
I just grimace and cringe when I hear and witness and see this. It's like the number of embezzelment situations I have witnessed in the past 14 years in business; both medicare/medicaid fraud, cash, and check forgery. It's crazy. $250K embezzled, $95K, $1.25 million, $40K, $18K, and the list goes on.
my favorite quote I created circa 1984: "When the dollar amount becomes large, the business becomes violent and dangerous." Andy Flagg in the US Army managing some 34 million as an 18-19 year old supply maintenance specialist entrusted by some CW4s and Colonels and Group Commanders who trusted me because of my keen analysis skills and trustworthiness and dedication with a eagle eye for patterns and inconsistencies in data; mostly financial and reports. That's a farm boy for ya from Oregon who can sense the weather and the mood of the animals on the farm! I should have beena vet. ha!
more to come...

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