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Windows 7 upgrades continue

Microsoft Windows

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, February 27, 2020

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Another day, another dollar. We now have another 10 computer upgrades to complete. Ugh. So many to do and doing them simultaneously is the only way. Sometimes 3-4 at a time, on or off network, on or off domain, does not matter.
Even a month after the cutoff deadline from Microsoft, most folks are still secure and running smoothly with a secure browser, secure antivirus, and behind some security network appliance both at home and at work. Remember, there are many layers to your network, firewalls, PC and applications. Yet, it does take just one click and bam.. So be careful regardless.
What does matter is if you are on network and on the Internet, you cannot be wireless. It is way to slow to wait around. Hard wire to your network via a network cable if you can and turn off the wifi. Trust me, you will save yourself 2-3 hours of waiting.
What else?
Oh, be sure to capture your before and after configuration with whatever systems analysis tools you use in your organization. Some use active directory, some use Belarc, some spiceworks, some solarwinds, some use group policy of sysinfo32.
Make sure you have backups and re-installation media and serial numbers handy just in case.
Also, don't forget to test audio, printing, scanning, email, financial systems like quickbooks, etc. Some of those things have to be reset and re-added like plotters and entitlement certificates have to be renamed or removed and software re-registered.
more to come...

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