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Frustrating - Technology fees everywhere

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, September 8, 2017

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Frustrating - Technology fees everywhere

September 8, 2017


It seems like these days every time I look at a new invoice or bill from a government agency, there is a new or different "technology fee" added or associated to my balance. This is frustrating.


So the government cannot go to the taxpayers through legislation to increase rates without a major vote, but they can add ticky tack operational fees without approval.


Example organizations: City of Reno, Nevada DMV, Nevada Secretary of State, who else local? Hmmm.


Most business just send you a rate change in terms of your bill like insurance companies raising rates to accommodate for inflation or just pure greed to increase their profit without changing their operations, adding value or decreasing their costs of operations or overhead.


I really am sick of see "technology fee" in local, state and federal billing. It seems like a nice new trend that everyone just has to get used to - or the same fee fairy is running around from job to job and saying yes they can do that without getting a citizen board or advisory board or approval from their constituents for approval.


It terms of government bloat, just hate the game, not the player.


The budget game is an everyday occurrence that every business either private or public has to deal with, and in that same vein the business ownership must look at costs and profits associated with goods and services.


Where is the happy balance and why is the "technology fee" seem like a sneaky way to point out we are raising the rates as a "rider" for something that should be already included in our budget and rate overhaul process.


The million dollar question is : if the technology fee were to be tracked to a separate account, was the technology fee being used exactly for what it was meant to be used as stated on the bill? I hope so.


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