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Clear Linux beats out other distros on Phoronix Test Suite of AMD 3990X

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, February 14, 2020
View Count: 1084, Keywords: AMD 3990X, Intel Clear Linux, Phoronix Test Suite, Hashtags: #AMD3990X #IntelClearLinux #PhoronixTestSuite

This is what I find interesting.
If Clear Linux is made by Intel and its the fastest OS in Phoronix Test Suite benchmarks, what security was compromised to make it the fastest? On my AMD 3950X, I will run the Phoronix Test Suite and report back.
I am sticking with Linux Mint 19.3 at the moment for my 3950X, and we have to complete the 3700X build, and the 2700X is on the bench right now and going through the burn in process. Better cooling is also on the way. Idle at 50C is not that cool with stock Wraith. Running Psensor we see up and down by the second 50C to 70C doing basic stuff.
02/18/2020 Update:
more news is forthcoming...
more to come...

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