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FLAIR, the next research startup innovation to rival Google broker search balance performance

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, February 2, 2020

View Count: 3655, Keywords: FLAIR, innovation, programmable networks, rival to Google search broker performance, Hashtags: #FLAIR #innovation #programmablenetworks #rivaltoGooglesearchbrokerperformance

I remember finding the Google innovation startup formula a year before Google went live on the Internet. I remember reading the broker search algorithms that went into google search indexing performance and said wow, that's the next big thing to fix Internet searching. That was when finding and searching for investments were difficult. Now with FLAIR, and everyone, knows and sees everything, and millions and billions of angel investors are looking for their next unicorn - FLAIR might be it.
The new approach, called FLAIR, optimizes data storage systems by using all the servers within a given network. Therefore, when a user makes a data request, if the main server is full, another server automatically activates to fill it.
FLAIR whitepaper research
From the article: "Al-Kiswany and his team found that FLAIR increased retrieval speeds by anywhere from 35 to 97 percent."
"This will lead to a whole range of applications as this type of system is the core building block of a wide range of applications," said Ibrahim Kettaneh, the graduate student leading the FLAIR development. "FLAIR can significantly improve the performance of databases and data processing engines, which are the backends for health systems, banking systems and financial transactions. It will also be applicable to any modern computer application hosted on the cloud, such as online documents, social networks and emails."
"The study, FLAIR: Accelerating Reads with Consistency-Aware Network Routing, authored by Waterloo's Faculty of Mathematics' Al-Kiswany and his graduate students; Kettaneh, Ahmed Alquraan and Hatem Takruri, will be presented at the USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design Implementation to be held in Santa Clara, U.S. from February 25-27."
more to come...

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