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1TB RAM standard for desktop PCs by 2022

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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I have a feeling that by 2022, the RAM for a Desktop PC will be 1TB.
Why do I share that and predict it?
There is a clog in the jump from 8 and 16GB or standard RAM in the desktop, and now we are seeing 128GB RAM max RAM motherboards have been the real standard for years; ** why should the RAM kits be 2x4, 2x8 and 2x16, and that is it? When the defacto should be 2x32 and 4x32 for the last and next 2 years, and then we should just go for it and hit 1TB by 2021 or 2022.
There will be a huge leap in RAM capacity and density by 2021, so let's just get to 2x32GB as the natural paired set for desktops and much more...
more to come...

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