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Kids speak up on climate change at Davos - Less Talk, more Time Motion Studies, please

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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Davos comes and goes each year and this is no exception for the elites to chime in on climate change. Let the kids speak up yet understand we should not be taking 100 years to conduct a study yet a year or less and apply the research quickly and appropriately even when great obstacles exist in their understanding of the world, like their age, experience and education. I believe in a blue green earth just like them.
REF:  https://mynews4.com/news/nation-world/thunberg-scolds-davos-elites-over-climate-as-trump-arrives
For me, technology is the root of all evil for many instances just like money. Its a tool and no more.
We have made technology like money become more than what it really is.
For those at Davos, especially the kids can cry fowl, cry crow, etc... but really... they need to to suggest time and motion studies in their own research to support change in the way we treat our earth and the resulting climate.
I always used time and motion studies to support decision making, rather than raw emotion.
Are the journalists only using emotions or facts supported by studies - by the numbers - even simple numbers.
I have seen public politicians site community emotion as a decision making factor to reverse change when in fact, the defacto standard supported change when a specific crowd was impacted. Are special interest groups necessarily good? yes. if they remain ethical and not lie about their science and study like we have seen in the past. To lie about research to achieve an emotional objective is not good and is a lie. Do better at your research and better at your study and all good things will come - unless there is evil and corruption above and beyond our reach.
The ole saying, the squeaky wheel does get the grease - we know it.
Technology is not the culprit. Its how we use it and how much for good or bad. I prefer limited and for good.
Less is more even when there is ... more to come...

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