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Are you planning for your operating systems and their retirement, end of life

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, January 16, 2020

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So you are working on some application development and you rely on a generic operating system, let's say Windows versus Linux.
Are you planning for your operating systems and their retirement, end of life? If you are an applications developer you can consider this food for thought. If you are a Windows 10 sales person and want to reconsider your position of Windows 7, I encourage it.
Question: How long do you expect the application to last?
Answer: as long as the application is needed.
Question: Is the application programmed to be forward looking and upward mobile and portable?
Answer: It better be.
Explanation and Discussion:
Forced obsolescence of an operating system is not a great idea. In a closed environment, the OS and APP should last pretty much forever as long as the hardware keeps running and it not proprietary.
What is Microsoft doing with Windows 7, just like XP? They are expiring it and forcing users to Windows 10?
Not necessarily true. The caveat is that they are not supporting publicly available updates unless you pay for continued support. Well now, that is like the doctor holding the medicine in his hand that you need until you hand over the cash. Sort of a funny predicament? Not even close.
Its like ransomware. Windows 7 updates for a price and your life, or else, you might lose or you will lose all your stuff. Its okay. No one has put it into terms like that yet. Why not just do the Obama thing and ask everyone for $10 each (one time only, or until 2025), and be done with it. I am sure companies would love to cough up a one time fee of $10 per user/computer/OS to have continued support.
Those developers would probably love the bonus from that too!! 400-800 million x $10 is a nice bit of change.
Anyhow, if Microsoft is tired of Windows 7, by the way, that is a lucky number, and 10, well, that is just overrated, then we will have to live with the next iteration of skipping Microsoft operating systems, so that means Windows 12 (XII).
Until then, enjoy Windows 7 for another 24-36 months as-is and just keep your antivirus and browser up-to-date, and a healthy firewall ahead of your PC. That should be enough, and backup your stuff online and offline.
more to come...

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