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Whats My / Your Value Add?

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, November 2, 2016

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What's My / Your Value Add?

November 2, 2016




For nearly 21 years, that has been my question - What does that mean to yourself or someone, "what is my/your value add?" The saying, "they can only fog a mirror!" Meaning, the only thing a person is good for is breathing, and they can barely do that right.


What is your value add @:


When you are at work?


Are you a profit or cost center? Meaning, do you make the company money or do you cost the company money. Don't give me the ole I (we) are necessary because of compliance. That can be outsourced.


when you are at home?


Are you an asset to the family, or are you a drain or a drip to the family?


when you are in church?


are you 100% involved or just a visitor, spectator. it is okay to be either as long as you know there is a difference. it is like being nice or good. being nice is having a job, a family, a home and knowing your neighbor, while being good is demonstrating actively your faith and witnessing over and over such that others find that treasure you have within, that free gift of eternal salvation


when you travel?


are you a good guest to the place you are visiting like a new country, city or state. let the native culture and people be your host and hostess while you treat them properly as a visiting guest. be polite, have learned enough of the language in advance to be openly honest about making a cultural connection, and enjoy the visit. ps. remember not to litter, and that includes leaving bad feelings with your host.


more to come.


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