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Am I screwed if I do not update from Windows 7 -- Easy answer -- NOPE

Microsoft Windows

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, January 11, 2020

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Fitz to Dave at Life Hack : What do we think Steve Ballmer would have been selling had he never been hired by Microsoft? Basketballs or Lip Balm?

Drew Jackson replies:

Funny. I would have guess deodorant product or body odor company. He was always sweating profusely, or maybe breath mints. He was cool in his prime.

The Windows 7 end of life is a not a worry. We all know it. Some application providers are forcing our hands to get to Windows 10 but that is isolated and usually HIPAA compliance fake news.

XP still runs today in many commercial facilities not connected to the Internet. its the apps that Microsoft pushed for development that require stability and longevity. Windows 7 will be around long past the year 2030.

The apps and utility of the solutions created on the OS control the conversation, not the OS provider and manufacturer. Microsoft pushed for apps and we got them...and even code maintenance on Windows 7 will continue for another 10 years....and as far as other things all concerned... we will have another 36 months for updates and we can ween windows 7 off the internet, but the LAN apps are strong as ever. just a great firewall and antivirus, and browser and you’re golden, with great backups and system images.

Windows 10 was free, then not, and now free again. XP still activates. What is free is the OS. What is not free is the telemetry shared and harvested for various profit opportunities and product improvements aka usability and performance (one hopes. see GGPCTU for more)

Happy 2020.

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