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Spiceworks versus Active Directory - analyze your digital and network assets automatically

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by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, January 9, 2020

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So you have 4-5 cities with corporate networks, meshed via MPLS, some off net and some on net, yet, you have over 500-50,000 systems out there... how do you scan it all and bring it together?
easy! just use a great automation tool software like solarwinds, spiceworks, and/or your active directory (AD) tools.
question: go open source tools or closed source tools?
I did such a scan and compared and found Spiceworks was awesome and the AD tools helped cross compare and verify what we could and could not see because of firewalls.
Now the 100k+ systems out there, we know based on our scan logs of the work orders databases, and then network systems and arp logs, that have come and gone on our benches, that we have the following:
Windows XP Home (32 bit): 12,500+
Windows XP Pro (32 bit): 5,250+
Windows XP Pro (64 bit): 15+
Windows Vista Home: 100+
Windows 7 Home: ~56,500
Windows 7 Pro: ~24,500
Windows 7 Ultimate: ~350
Windows 10 Home: ~28,500
Windows 10 Pro: ~10,000
Windows 2000 Server: ~2
Windows 2000 Advanced Server: ~25
Windows 2003 Server: ~5
Windows 2008 R2 Server: ~2,300
Windows 2012 R2 Server: ~1,500
Windows 2016 Server: ~250
Windows 2019 Server: ~5
Centos 7 Server: 14
Linux Mint 19: ~350
Peppermint OS 9/10: ~25
Codeweavers Crossover 18.5: ~15
Microsoft Office 2003 : ~130
Microsoft Office 2007 : ~2300
Microsoft Office 2010 : ~4700
Microsoft Office 2013 : ~500
Microsoft Office 2016 : ~210
Microsoft Office 2019 : ~150
Libre Office 6 : ~1500
Microsoft Works 9.0 : ~9,500
NOTE: these numbers are not final, just pending; ironic how many logs exist; when updating the numbers as we scan more CRM notes and IT reports, and work order logs. We have tracked more operating systems because of the GoGreen PC TuneUp research rather than office productivity tools. Across 35 years, and in the last 16 years, and then an additional 10 years prior, ~500,000 systems touched, and 10,000,000 over the lifetime of our activities.... that's a lot of computers and systems!
more to come...

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