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Published: Tuesday, November 15, 2016 written by Andy Flagg
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November 15, 2016

What is citizenship?


Since I was in 4-H raising an animal and taking it to the summer fair and in the Men's Glee club singing with 40 other young boys the Battle Hymn of the Republic a cappella there was a sense of accomplishment and pride in the teamwork and results of winning and achieving something.


Was this part of building character and a sense of citizenship? I believe it was.


I still recall at the start of the school year during 1st through 6th grade walking up the front of Walker Elementary and the entire front of the school was mowed perfectly and the landscape was perfect, not a single weed or bush, perfectly clean, smooth, straight, green and a single concrete sidewalk to from the street to the front door, and to the right a single flag pole prominent and silver, with the US Flag displayed, right in front of Principal Hill's office. Inside to the right was the secretary's office and Ms. Kennedy, right next to the nurses station.


more to come.


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