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Our VLOG wrap for end of 2019 - we just jammed it out

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, December 30, 2019

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So, it's been a long year and we had to consider letting the year end without finishing the alphabet in our series of Video Logs (VLOGS) on subjects we care about...
Yet we could not. We had to end the year with all our letters done in the VLOG. We did it!
Remember, the purpose of myBlog and VLOG is to capture and retain my memory (Drew Jackson aka Andrew Flagg) and catalog it for all time, so in ten, twenty, or fifty years, when (we) I look back and try to remember, I won't have a hard time doing so.
This is to benefit others too. I had an epiphany 25 years ago in Winnemucca called "Talk Til you are Tired" to interview and audio/video record the memories and thoughts from ole timers... well, i never got the chance to start and finish that dream, but alas, it was not the first or last time I shared that... Just like this...
This VLOG and myBLOG are a training exercise to benefit others who like to go back in time and remember great technology and great solutions.  Many don't realize, yet I love history, and not just preserving it but talking about it and knowing what was here and there, a long time ago, and what is here now.
Don't worry too much about the perfection of recording history and knowledge.
The audio and video logs of our ancestors are the greatest, even when editors and all these great technologies came to be.
All I care about are the facts and the details, and who said what and when and really we can all be honest and give credit where credit is due.
Let me tell you about the history of all the places I have been and lived, and you can tell me your version. From Ashland Oregon, to the US Army at Ft. Riley Kansas, to Microsoft in Redmond Washington, to Nevada... and more...
My (our) life is the summation of my (our) experiences from the generosity of others sharing their knowledge with me, and me pulling and putting together the rest of it from books, libraries and the stories of others.
Happy New Year 2020 to many.
All the videos are here (wish we had our own youtube handle (not yet):
May your stories be shared and handed down to your children and children's children for as long as possible.
more to come...

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