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Dream Lifestyle or Job in 2020 would be

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, January 1, 2020

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Doing something cool all day where you don't get tired of doing it, and no one bleeping this and bleeping that to make your life miserable and unorganized.
What could that job be?
programmer at ... some fortune 500 company?
manager at ... some government agency?
inventor at ... some startup?
writer at ... some think tank?
nanny at ... some day care or family?
explorer on ... some ship or plane traveling the world?
leader at ... some innovative organization?
musician in ... some recording studio?
gardener in ... some nursery or landscaped yard?
kid in ... some classes learning something somewhere?
chef in ... some restaurant designing and preparing something awesome?
police officer ... keeping the public safe in some community?
fireman ... putting out a fire or saving a kitty from a tree?
doctor ... helping someone get better?
teacher ... help some kids learn something cool?
astronaut ... helping mankind figure out how to live in space?
astronomer ... find something in the stars to help mankind?
meteorologist ... communicating something cool about the weather?
journalist ... writing some juicy editorial on something cool?
nurse ... helping someone get well?
painter ... creating something cool on canvas or a wall?
musician ... writing some awesome music?
architect ... design some cool new structure that will become famous?
carpenter ... cut some wood and make something neat?
welder ... cut or mend some major hunk of steel?
just go through the alphabet from A to Z and see how many titles or careers you can think of and write those down and dream of what you want to be in 2020.... then go out and do it.
what could it be?
more to come...

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