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Insights and Analytics with Data - First Person Research vs AI

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, December 30, 2019

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The explosion of AI has made me always wonder, "what happened to first person observation and research?"
We know that amidst all the hype and popularity in machine learning, AI, and data privacy, lest us not forget:
"our jobs as technologists are to solve problems. We are not here to create problems or create work."
To me, technology is great. Its like the calculator to the computer; we need to repeat mundane tasks accurately and quickly - that is where technology comes in.
When it comes to congestion and weaknesses, breakdowns and prevention of failure; that is where analysis comes into. How much data is needed for how long to determine a trend?
Look at all the great solutions found by doing simple monitoring and then applying a theory to an observation and then proving it, and then applying a solution that is repeatedly used over and over for the benefit of mankind.
Does this mean AI works? No. Does this mean machine learning is needed? No.
What about self driving cars and trucks? What about automated fast food? No workers, no employees, no calling in sick, no complaints, no payroll tax (yet), no workman's comp (unless AI and Robotics becomes sentient).
I just have to ask, why all the overload of hype. Simple monitoring and analysis, and then apply solutions to fix trending patterns and that should do the trick. Stop adding layers of bloat, and layers of management. Keep a nice lean and thin organization and a lean and thin technology application. That's all we need.
Be a first person observer and researcher. Have great sampling tools at critical points and apply solutions and things appropriately. That's all it takes. Have fun doing it.
more to come...

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