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OSHA and your company - walk around management style

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, December 28, 2019

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I just received a training flyer in the US mail about OSHA training; a 30 hour compliance course.
I looked at who and what that applies to and noticed the word lawyers in it. Besides the rest of the folks in their respective industries, lawyers, caught my eye.
Going back in history, I was always the walk around management style. In the morning, walk around the complex, inside, outside, looking up, looking down, even in other areas of the company while saying good morning and preparing for work.
Remember, safety first. If you notice something even if it outside your department or division, say something to somebody, or if it is a glaring issue, fix it with the help of someone in the department, preferably a supervisor or higher.
I have never had any balk at this kind of walk around management style. Even in the bathroom. If a toilet or stall is running water and the plumbing needs fixing, say something. Don't expect someone else to do it for you.
OSHA is about safety and more...
The training flyer had a bunch of categories; five days of them to be exact and all of them were rather, shall I say, cleverly described to infinity on all possibilities of what can and cannot happen in a working environment.
lets go down the five categories and bullets.
• record keeping and reporting
• inspections, citations, penalties
• walking and working surfaces
• first aid
• blood borne pathogens
• personal protective equipment
• materials handling and storage
• permit-required confined spaces
• lockout/tagout
• machine guarding
• hearing conservation
• hazardous materials
• exit routes, emergency action plans, fire prevention plans and fire protection
• electrical
• hazard communication
that was a long list. so, will i attend, no. will others attend, yes? if I were in a construction company or the director of operations, coo, etc, then maybe. they had business owners in there too, yet 50% of these do not apply to my business though they would be check against, and that occurs during business licensing and permitting for your company at startup.
interesting topic for a Friday. Remember, walk around management is important. If you see something, say something. That is a good motto.
more to come...

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