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Generic Happiness Dashboard Idea

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, December 13, 2016

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Generic Happiness Dashboard Idea

December 13, 2016


Why not have a generic happiness dashboard that reports your level of happiness on key things in your life?


basically, its like a dream board but so much more.


first, identify 5 things that you believe are important to you.


draw circles on a whiteboard of each and put the one word within it that describes that thing


that thing can be an idea, a place, a person, a word, a feeling, an event, a dream - whatever


from each circle draw lines outward and on each write something about it...


go around the circle 360 with those lines, spaced apart and just write whatever comes to mind


use different colors too, different dry erase markers and erase and rewrite as you go


with those 5 important things, step back and look at each separately and draw a little symbol or icon or letter or number.


the number, icon, character or symbol will represent how that item can be remembered graphically, visually as a word of importance that you could easily explain to another


this dashboard can apply to any all areas of your life.


one can have multiple dash boards....


the dash boards once drafted then can be computer illustrated with pie charts or growth charts, or other forms of indication, like percentages, hot/warm/cold colors, or other ways to describe the general progress of your important "thing"


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