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Windows 10 Pro or Home v1803 v1903 v1909 success failure rates

Microsoft Windows

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, December 20, 2019

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If you are installing or loading / imaging Windows 10 Home versus Pro onto a massive amount of computers, which media should one use to install?
Well, it depends on the hardware and software configuration. 
1803 - 98% success on ~3000+ fresh installs
1903 - 97% success on ~1500+ fresh installs
1909 - 99% success on ~25+ fresh installs
The success rate of an upgrade and update is very low, while the success rate of a fresh install is higher.
Plus a wireless upgrade update is nearly impossible without the Update Assistant and even then it fails, so be on the hardware LAN at all times and on high speed 100/10 cable or faster, and DSL is nearly impossible, and hot spot on your cell phone updates/upgrades is not possible.
Failure rate of new install on 1903 is about 50% depending on the manufacturer platform when attempted. For example, new HP computers, desktops, AIOs, laptops, have a difficult time with 1903 updates without the Update Assistant wizard and turning off McAfee and other antivirus programs, let alone having to flash the BIOS from like F.23 to F.31, and so on.
bottom line, have images for 1803 and 1903 on separate load points on the network and/or usb drive arrays and have fun!
Oh, we use 64 bit Windows 10 Professional v1803 and v1903  on all your new installs. It just depends on the hardware and manufacturer to do take the chance to get it installed the first time without failure and delays to the customer.
more to come...

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