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Network cutovers and how to make it easy

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by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, December 18, 2019

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If you ever have to cutover a network for a business, it is best to be prepared.
1. keep the old ISP circuit on
2. have the new ISP circuit installed
3. side by side, all workstations, network routers and switches, have them backed up
4. configure the new network on the border router and leave the inside connection configuration exactly the same
5. if DHCP is on the network on a server, and the new router for the new circuit has DHCP, decide if you are going to use DHCP on the router or the server. turn off the one that does not need to be running. cannot have two DHCP servers on the same network. i just set the service to manual mode instead of automatic on service startup.
6. speed test the new circuit unloaded and loaded
7. have the ISP contact information always written down and configuration taped to the equipment
8. Cut over when most staff is available to test once the switch over is done
9. work out the kinks and bugs
10. enjoy the new network
wrap up: run the new network for a few weeks before killing the old network. if the old network is still needed for legacy needs, consider that and then eventually ween yourself off it.
in this example, we had a TelePacific (TPx) circuit 10/10 with MPLS configuration using Fortinet Security appliances and added Highlands Wireless high speed 30/30. the VOIP equipment stayed on the TPx circuit since it was not centrally cloud managed and wired to the PPPoE of their 24 port switch, and moved the network and workstations to the new circuit.
more to come...

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