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Organization structures and improvements, a look back with Jack Welch

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, December 14, 2019

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I was once asked how long does it take to fix existing problems in an organization once you take over any leadership and management role. My answer, like my mentors and predecessors mentioned, that I follow as well, 45 days is the magic number.
Gather information, do walk around management, and observe, listen, use your instincts, and like Jack Welch and other great CEOs and leaders, be quick on some decisions to make improvements where there is pain, and to be pragmatic where there are gaps of what is needed.
Jack Welch, the book, and his article references below are interesting and I have used many and much of his advice and tips, as well as, yet his leadership was in different times before the Internet and advanced competition from all angles and advanced social political influences.
Jack mentions things that are good; work with your boss, like him, be a team player, yet if your boss is bad please don't waste your time and get out from underneath them. Its not them, its you. Your styles should complement each other not grind against each other. Sometimes, being a pioneer does not mean being a follower forever, just for a while. Remember, your client, your team, your other peering leaders are very important and your own sanity needs to remain in check with reality.
Be transparent to a degree and also accountable and by the book to those like the public and stakeholders we take our cues from -- remember, we have customers and clients all around us, not just the one we report to.
We have to gauge and balance our time and priorities, and resources, and expectations appropriately before changing course and re-allocating limited resources and the energies and morale of many.
Have fun, smile, have your game face on when it comes to being serious, be enthusiast when appropriate and remember, we are all replaceable and mortal. we will make mistakes yet most of us know that mistakes help us all grow, learn, strengthen and move quicker in the future. no one is perfect and we all get dressed the same, and we will all die one day.
Most importantly, leadership and management is about the human condition that we each at in at different stages and degrees in our life; our family, and passions and dreams. Keep your dream alive and enjoy it. Stay healthy and look for improvements that make sense and move the needle forward in terms of human progress.
Don't stress everyone out and don't get stress out yourself. Your locus and area of control must match your area of concern. the circle of influence, control must be and be larger than your concerns to keep your own peace and sanity. if it is inverse where your control is less than your concerns and responsibility, then you will be stressed.
Enjoy the day, have fun, and more to come...

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