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China dropping Microsoft Windows by 2022 and switching to Kylin Linux

Microsoft Windows Linux Tux

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, December 12, 2019

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the report is out that another country is looking to drop Microsoft Windows.
It was Germany, then another few countries in the EU, and then Canada tempted us and fate, and then somewhere along the line a few more countries, yet now China is in the foray and mix to do the same.
For some its on again off again and while nothing is forever, the mixture of Linux in the workplace is a great because of the raw horsepower Linux offers to the desktop and business network as a whole.
Will that impact Microsoft? Not really. Azure is sucking up the Linux hosting business so Azure by Microsoft is set to replace the financial gap and is already making a good dent.
"Chinese government services have been ordered to replace 30% of Windows PCs by the end of 2020, a further 50% in 2021 and the final 20% by the end of 2022." 
My view will be this will impact China's private sector a bit in order to compete for both skilled labor and application support and data integration. The Chinese will be aggressive in their plan which is fine. It's their country to do with as they wish.
What if the United States of America's government decided to do the same? It would be chaos I know that for sure because of the length at which American government workers would be impacted as well as systems and applications. My answer would be no except in specific government services where the platform was perfect for the job and the public's need. Look at IT budgets already that require licensing. Even some open source commercial products in the enterprise required support contracts for in-band services and extensions to protect and operate. That is fine because the world is fast moving against threats and intelligence to help the public.
So, my advice to professional development planners - you better update your skill set portfolios and your resume to make sure Kylin Linux is in your toolkit and toolbox. Install the virtual version of it and keep it out of your network LAN directly. Just connect it to your guest network and hope that things don't got boo or bump in the night.
For me, I have Linux Mint, Peppermint 9/10, Deepin, Centos 6/7 as primary Linux on my systems aside from Windows 7 Pro, Windows 10 Pro, and Microsoft Server 2019, 2016, 2012, 2008 and SQL editions and Visual Studio editions to match.
As I have always said to my mentees, keep up and stay sharp. The alternative is stagnation and we don't want that. Have your lab ready for both servers, databases, operating systems, networking, and application development. Stay focused and stay busy programming, researching, testing, deploying, writing and sharing.
more to come...

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