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Intel and 90 percent CPU market versus 30 percent all-silicon TAM

Intel Processor

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, December 9, 2019

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I believe Bob Swan, the CEO of Intel, is on to something.
ref: https://wccftech.com/intel-ceo-beyond-cpu-7nm-more/
He wants to shift the focus of Intel's mindset from 90% CPU market share and holding that and going after 30% and more of the all-silicon opportunities.
TAM, Total Available Market, of all-silicon (all silicon) is a much larger market that Intel needs to grasp. Microsoft did that a little too late, and while other multi-national corporations (MNCs) like GE, Visa, J&J, and other big name brands need to do the same.
Keep doing what you do great and open up the back end of your business model for expansion that keeps everything you are great at in the core and your wheelhouse. If you go outside your core and wheelhouse, just like expanding vertically or horizontally poorly, one can forget the big pictuer.
Did Microsoft miss out on the same thinking in the end of the 1990s and missed the cellular phone market as well as the search engine market, and other markets like blockchain? I believe so.
However, do what you do well, and keep doing that well is my motto. For example, Steve Ballmer continued to increase Microsoft Office market share through his tenure from 2000 to 2010 or so; even while the existing CEO wanted cloud computing of Azure to increase.
Yes, Microsoft like Intel is probably behind the curve and behind the eight ball on some of the current opportunities.

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