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Sprint cellular hi-speed data Internet support notes traveling abroad

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, December 8, 2019

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In review of Sprint Cellular in travel, please consider the following for your own help..
1. sprint data plan $25/week is at https://intlroam.sprint.com
2. sprint international chat support at
http://www.sprint.com/swwsupport which translates to
3. to carrier reset your phone dial ##25237# and after 3-4 minutes you might have to turn off and on your phone.
4. overnight chat and phone support does not exist
5. be patient and enjoy your travel. most international phone and chat support folks are great. US based folks are a little slow and follow a script. just transfer to steps #2 and #3 right away if you have carrier problems and double check #1
6. Expect speeds from 1Mbs/1Mbs up/down in most areas at 1-2km from a telco tower.  Without the data package, one will get .01/.05 Mb/s up and down respectively. It's okay.
7. You wake up and no service? If you are in a country where the region and province is undergoing improvements, there will be planned power outages from 12-18 hours weekly and monthly. Be expected for maintenance upgrades so don't freak out; just disconnect yourself for a while.
8. interesting error message to hotspot your iphone and then click the intlroam link you get this which is weird... turn wifi off, laptop no Internet connect, enable wifi and Internet connect .. International Plan Already Enabled. yet .. Access is only available via mobile networks. This page cannot be accessed via Wi-Fi networks. Please ensure your Wi-Fi is off and that you are in a good mobile coverage area. Retry when in a good coverage area with Wi-Fi off. If the problem persists please contact Sprint Care at +1-817-698-4199. quoting error code: 401.. 
Note for # 8 : weird.. bugs in the system or technology. probably because we don't have Sprint users in the area to debug, and the carrier though I like to believe is #1 might slide down the scale a bit but hey, if you get the right international chat support person like John B, Anna, Margaret, etc... you can do great, and the others well... maybe just needs more experience.
9. if your wifi or ethernet adapter IPv4 DNS settings are set to or or something like etc.. please takes those out. One will notice latency abroad reaching those DNS servers to get your respective website destination and translation. once you get back to the states, one can put those back in... be careful and note that Sprint and your carrier will have to be responsible to protect against DNS high jacking.
10. check your internet speeds as you go... in Philippines go to http://www.speedtest.ph as well as https://www.speedtest.net in comparison.
11. as far a cell phones and best signal reception, move your phone around in different orientations. I found that standing my cell phone up seemed to give me better results. just standing it up, and leaning it up against the side of my laptop screen side worked great. look at grounding and other forms of avoiding other interference objects in your location.
12. power off and on your phone, prior to connecting and overnight you will notice carrier services go away and say no service for like 2-3 hours and then come back online for no apparent reason. i have an iphone 8 with a sprint domestic and international unlimited text voice and data and only 2-3km from the main highway and area.
13. you can setup a ping to your dns server to keep on latency and response times, and occasionally tracert to your favorite home page to see how many hops there are... <15 is better than 20, and <10 is best ; however, network layers have increased across most carriers and backbones, so don't worry about how the internet use to be thin and now it is layered and stacked higher and worse than pancakes from IHOP.
Reference PH speedtests:  http://www.speedtest.ph/result/10872444
change the last number in the link above for other test results to the following:
10872409, 10872341, 10871920, 10871917, 10871862, 10867757
that's it for now. more to come...

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