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Create, Produce - test systems and lab environments - how many do you have

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, December 5, 2019
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Do you have a lab setup for your ideas and projects?
I have seven; two for crafts and five for IT. Four benches for IT creativity plus an office, and then two for crafts and really artsy fartsy stuff. I do have a full retail office floor for previous retail activities, but that is more dormant now, and business meetings and conferences only.
I have always said, you need to be working on a project or two always. Whether it be IT or non-IT it must be something advancing your knowledge and skill set for what you love.
Sometimes it can be artistic and other times it can be just mentally logical. Either way, left or right brain, or a little or a lot of both; work on projects in your own lab environment.
For me, I have had racks of servers and benches for crafts, and a garage of tinker toy electronic parts. Recently, I started thinning out the clutter that I will never touch and just get back to a few tools and the basics.
As you get older, keep your lab and testing space to a minimum; yet have fun and visit it each and every day.
Always be working on some idea. Always be creative and produce more than you consume.
Creators are more happy than just consumers of content. Those that create are fulfilled in the process, and those that just consumer, are never truly content and always need more to feed on.
It's a crazy infinity loop of loss for the consumer only when they should balance consumption with production and creation.
One can create rather inexpensively and still be happy all the more.
more to come...

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