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External Backups and Windows Server 10 driver updates causing havoc

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Wednesday, December 4, 2019
View Count: 407, Keywords: Windows Server, Windows 10, External Backups, USB, Biometric, Driver Failures, Hashtags: #WindowsServer #Windows10 #ExternalBackups #USB #Biometric #DriverFailures

In the past 4 days, we have seen a series of Windows 10 and Server updates that have caused USB root hub and Biometric drivers stop working // cannot load specified device - stopped working.
While most of these systems are remote, we could investigate the issue, and verify that removal of the device driver and rebooting did work; however, why?
One of the systems was attached to 4TB external USB rolling backup archive, while another was a laptop diagnostic test system with specific monitoring tools. Alternate backups and login methods were available yet the specific input (human) and root hub drivers failed to work after scheduled maintenance updates.
We will continue to monitor and report.
more to come...

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